What if I don't have kids? Can I still take the course?

YES! Absolutely. This course if for anyone looking to take better photos and capture moments in their everyday life. I created this for moms, dads, business owners, parents of fur babies and anyone looking to sharpen their photography skills and gain more confidence. 


When is your next in-person workshop? 

I will typically have one in-person workshop per year and we will keep everyone updated in the PhotoMamas community so be sure to follow us on Instagram (@photomamas) and Facebook (Facebook.com/photomamas) to be the first to know! I will tell you that everything I cover at my in-person workshop is laid out for you in the PhotoMamas online course, and the beauty of it is that you can go at your own pace, pause it anytime, and always come back to it as a reference as you practice!


Do you have to own a professional DSLR camera to get something out of the course?

No you don't! The techniques that I teach you will apply to even iPhone photography. It will give you the tools to go into any situation with any camera and confidently capture the memories you can be proud of.


Can I gift the course to someone?

Yes! This is a beautiful gift to stand alone or go alongside a new camera. How many times have you purchased a new piece of equipment and don't feel equipped so you never pick it up. Not this time! I want you to use your camera and capture your life and your loved ones. You can purchase this course as a gift and we will supply you with a gift certificate to give!


Do you cover editing in the course?

I do not cover editing in the PhotoMamas Masterclass. I do teach you how to confidently shoot amazing images that should require very little editing. If you are interested in learning more about editing let me know and we can potentially add that in the future.

What camera do you recommend?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions! I always recommend reaching out to my trusted friend, Robert Parks at Dury's in Nashville, TN. Cameras and technology are always changing and he will give you all of the latest information on what camera would best fit your needs. You can reach Robert at [email protected] or by calling (615) 574-9295. Tell him Evin sent you!

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